Thursday, November 10, 2011


One day when the dust relaxes, I’d take it to the road again. To do that very thing I’ve been looking in my mind since I can barely remember. To feel the power of being in control yet knowing not where it will lead and still feel at peace. The wind will blow my hair to wherever, yet I will not even care. The sun will burn my skin but that will be the reminder of my journey. To travel the world with eyes full of wonder, that’s what the movie in my mind has always been playing, ever since I could remember.


Now I see peaceful mornings bathing in bright rooms and sipping coffee in lazy afternoons. Watching it doze off while I pretend to sleep just to stare of that peculiar and yet serene exquisiteness that only sleep can make.
Ever since, I’ve been looking different sights, of laughter amidst the rain and enjoying simple pleasures of doing nothing.


But then again, one day, I will certainly travel. And so in the imminent I know I will not only watch movies in my head nevertheless genuine memories, at that non-familiar road, walking with my hand still, while admiring the sites my eyes could see.
I will lark at the crankiness of things and get my skin burned for moping in too much rays under the wind-blown cottage, where I will gaze the beauty while I pretend to be sleeping


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