Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Rochelle!

This is not really complete. but I guess this covers most of the surprise party for Rochelle held last July 16, 2010 in Monroe’s Residence..,.. take a look on it.., happy birthday Sweet Rochelle..

I just want to share to you guys. I have to confess this experience was nothing like I thought it would be. It’s hard to illustrate but I guess this party would be like coming home to your crazy family who you haven’t seen for how many weeks — you may just get a few bombshells that you were not anticipating. We don’t get to opt who they are moreover may not always like everything about them, but you never desert them. That’s what makes you a family and brings you closer together; that’s what happened to us, Like it or not, we all share an experience that has bonded us for the rest of our lives.

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