Saturday, April 10, 2010

Missing HIM

Time moves so fast.
It was month of January; I received a phone call from my mom and informed me that my father is in the hospital. With that very moment we drove from Bataan to Angeles City right away.
A last surviving father also succumbed to his failing health. He’d been confined for 2 weeks at AUFMC in Angeles City and treated for almost a month at Subic Airbase Hospital for Cancer People in Olongapo and since then been bedridden in our home for 3 weeks. He passed away early morning on 21st March. In his last days, he would often cry on the spot upon seeing relatives visiting him or cry even in the middle of conversations among his children.
Despite the heavy rains that day, the ceremony continued with the family, relatives and people finally walking the casket to the city cemetery in the afternoon all the support from families, relatives, friends, Honorable Gringo Honasan and Philippine Constabulary family.
I would always remember him as a stiff person who doesn’t talk much. A peculiar mix of characteristics, I think though, at the same time.
I was, to be honest, never attend to his funeral. For the reason that, I flew here in Abu Dhabi last February 2.
I really missed him. I really feel the guilt here in my heart why I went here during his last days of his life.
It’s been years now since my Dad passed away and I can still feel him in me. The only day that he’s gone from me was on his birthday, Christmas day, New Years day.
And now, 12th of April falls his birthday.. I just wanna send this message to him..
Papaps, I know you’re just sleeping there. Take care and see you soon. You’re the best dad!!! I love you….
~ thet

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