Saturday, June 26, 2010

A creep

Why do we sometimes sense an extreme yearning for things that are already over?
for the things can never flee the trap that was the past--things that have already attained the point of no return,
consequently building them irrevocable.
Which means that no matter how rigid it could dig up, we have no other option but to allow the less-likeable way things turned out to be, or the resentment that once cherished thoughts have turned into?
and that, the superlative thing to do is to struggle our supreme to live and bear with the cost.

Afterall, it’s over and done with.
and after all, it's just appropriate to comprehend that when things don't stay with us, then it's perhaps because they're not for us.
why, then, do we persist to pray for things to occur the same way again?
why do we splurge sleepless nights drowning ourselves in thought?
why do we soak our pillows in tears?
why do we tolerate the pain to sneak inside our hearts?

aren't they, as i have mentioned earlier, already done with?

had i known the answers to my why-thens, i would never had asked you.
but the thing is, the only thing i'm sure of was that..
as i adage this thing
i'd been massively affected.

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